My name is Nick, I am Chinese.
I am a doctor myself and in this blog I am writing quite surprisingly about… nails fungus.

Have you ever seen people with nails fungus? Reasons causing this infection development are not always lack of hygiene. This practically a health issue. And this is what I am going to share with you.
I have been working on this topic for long 10 years and now I am ready to report results of it. Here you will find instruction how to avoid contamination with nail fungus and what to do if you are already contaminated. You will find pros and cons in treating this disease with alternative medicine.
We plan to have seminars headed by leading dermatologists where you will have opportunity to ask questions. There is a lot of information about protective measures against fungus contamination, symptoms of this disease, treatment courses with pills and creams and explaining how, for example, shoes may affect nail health.

I invite everybody to post your stories, questions, comments in my blog. Most interesting cases will be commented by experts in dermatology.
I will do my best to make my blog useful and informative.