Massage London is proud to present our tip on how to massage your friend from a side-lying position. It will be helpful to use a little bit of vegetable oil as a lubricant between your hands and their skin.

Supporting your friend as shown above, use your hand to smooth along the upper shoulder to the side of the neck and back. Gentle, gliding strokes feel great here.

When smoothing, you can gently tug back on the shoulder and use the flat of your hand to press along the side of your friend’s neck. Careful of your pressure as to not injure their neck! With alternating hands, pull back on the shoulder while gliding away from the neck with your fingertips.

Use your thumbs to gently work the side of the neck. Stay toward the BACK side, however. Directly out the side of the neck are bony areas called Transverse Processes. These do not feel good when massaged. Work the area with small, deep circular motions.

Lift and scoop along the side of your friend. You can also cross your hands and smooth away from the mid-point of their side so that one hand goes toward the hip and the other hand goes toward the shoulder. This smoothing motion feels great!

I wish you well as you learn to massage. Using your hands to help others can bring incredible satisfaction. Good luck and practice often.