Massage for:

Rehabilitation: It helps body to repair itself after injury or surgery. 

Esthetic:  We all want to look as good as we can. 

Softens Skin: It gives it healthy glow. Improves the appearance of cellulite. Many people include massage in their beauty regimen for its ability to promote a youthful appearance and as an auxiliary treatment to enhance the effects of the beautifying procedures, such as plastic surgery and facials.

Increased awareness: It can help you to become aware of how are you holding onto certain patterns of tension and thus let you break them, help to gain self-confidence through releasing old, negative body images

Emotional growth:  It help to access inner psychological issues, bring them to light and help to heal past emotional trauma involving abuse and negative body-image (for example by being overweight, handicapped, etc)

Meditation:  It helps to focus on awareness, breathing, compassion and relaxation. Sensitive sharing leads to quiet your mind and remember some of the more important things in life

As you read this, thousands of people are lying in gloomy rooms, almost naked, being pampered by complete strangers. 

Why are the cops doing nothing? 

Because these people are doing it willingly