Holistic Pulsing is a style of massage originating in Hawaii.Through soft rotary movements and rhythmic rocking of all parts of the body it gently releases tensions, feelings and energy, expanding the tissues, nourishing the person, creating spaciousness inside.

It is deep work without being painful, powerfull yet softly affecting the whole body-mind-spirit. Pulsing is a body therapy which evolved centuries ago in Hawaii. It eases tension and integrates areas of body and mind and emotion. It takes you out of yourself and reminds you of yourself.

What is Pulsing?

Pulsing is given through clothing. No oils are used. You lie on a massage table, set slightly higher than usual. You can lie on your back, on your front or on your side. The body is rocked with a gentle rhythmic pulse. This can be very quiet or can become vigorous. You can leave this to the practitioner’s intuition or say what you would like. The pulsing can be continuous or it can fade to periods of total stillness before the practitioner starts up again. The practitioner will move round the body – from feet to head, to hands to the trunk. Emotions may surface and laughter is common.

Towards the end of the session you rest for a long period while the experience of the pulsing movement is integrated and absorbed.


Gently releases muscular and emotional tension
Harmonises the various circulatory pulses
Eases stiff joints, increasing flexibility
Like dance it develops the inner sense of movement
Enlarges movement repertoire – expanding the kinesphere
Yields imagery and suggestions from the unconscious
Imparts an overall cellular stimulation
Like Tai Chi becomes a shared physical meditation
Fosters deeper, easier breathing
Simultaneously relaxes and energises
Meets the need for nurturance through touch
Satisfies the hunger for sensuous experience through passive movement
Contact with natural body rhythms stimulates self-healing and a centred self-awareness
A grounded in-the-body experience of wonder and ‘good wombing’
The wavelike movements help you flow with life and attune to an inner wisdom