If you are looking for a professional-level massager for the first time, it can be quite confusing. Many well meaning, talented people buy a videotape or take a weekend course to get into something which is healthful, socially redeeming, “cool” and readily available.

That, however, does not qualify them to introduce themselves as massage therapists and charge money for their questionable services. But often they do – precisely because you, the patient, know little about this rediscovered health technology.

Another complicating factor is the many exotic and/or self-promoting names of often similar approaches to massage – some of which are not exactly massage. By the time you try to understand what each entails, you could have had many excellent massage sessions. BTW, you would do well – for the present – to stay away from the Yellow Pages and classified ads, where the “Massage” ads (according to their own sales people) are very often for illicit sex.

Do You Get What You Pay For?
Few lay people realize that there is a huge difference, a difference in kind, between massage offered – even if legitimately – as a frivolous luxury in the beauty/rubbing salons and boutiques and professional-quality massage therapy offered as a valid and reliable health service.

It shouldn’t surprise as smart an internaut as you, however, to hear that, consistent with its general purpose and style, the Beauty & Fitness industry uses massage as a packaging sales tool for other products and to maximize profits they depend on relatively cheap, inexperienced labour to assemble as many bodies on their massage-lines as fast as possible.

We are committed to a professional-quality, client-oriented way of practicing their healing art. Our purpose is to work in a way which is focused on the health needs of the client/patient and gain as much experience and insight in the process. With experience, continuing educational training and a professional setting, half an hour of a professional-quality Massage Therapy session delivers more than an hour and a half with a newbie or with an old-hack “assembly-liner”- not to mention that it saves your valuable time.

Professional-quality therapist is one of the least expensive labour intensive, expert health services. Feel free to clarify all financial matters before your first massage session. Unless otherwise arranged in advance payment accompanies each session.

Due to the typical work schedule of massage therapists, a cancelled session policy will require at least 24-hour notice or the full fee will be due. And please do not offer a tip. Like other licensed professionals – professional-quality massage therapists do not accept tips.