Massage London is proud to present our tip on chest massage. It will be helpful to use a little bit of
vegetable oil as a lubricant between your hands and their skin.

Before we begin, it is important to know where to massage your friend’s chest, and where not to, so that you don’t hurt them. First, you will want to keep your efforts aimed at the yellow area (Pectoralis Major muscle) and the blue area (Pectoralis Minor muscle) only. Be sure not to place pressure on the breast tissues.

You’ll need to ask your friend if the technique is comfortable for them and take direction directly from their feedback. Be cautious of the red areas. These are “endangerment areas”. Pressure in these areas can lead to injury.

Begin by spreading your oil over the upper chest area with broad, conforming fingers. Assuming your friend’s breasts are covered, don’t allow your fingers to go under the sheet. You may find a thickness in the Pectoralis Minor muscles.

Use gentle pressure to smooth these areas out. With “soft knuckles”, place pressure on the upper chest and glide your knuckles from the middle of the upper chest to the outer edges several times.

Being careful not to rest your fingers on the breast itself, use your thumbs, alternately to smooth along the blue area (Pectoralis Minor muscle) with pressure that is agreeable to your friend. Work both sides.

You can also grab the yellow area (Pectoralis Major muscle) and gently pull outward, away from the chest wall. Allow your thumbs to slightly enter the armpit area and use your fingers to pull the muscle over the thumbs. Your thumbs shouldn’t move much… just the fingers pulling the muscle over them. Be careful not to pinch!

You can then use one thumb to hold, or pin-down, the upper Pectoralis Minor (blue) muscle while you use the other thumb to stretch it lengthwise. For a nice stretch, you can press a “soft” fist on muscle while you gently pull their arm over their head. Finish with gentle smoothing strokes with your fingers/palms over the upper chest muscles.

I wish you well as you learn to massage. Using your hands to help others can bring incredible satisfaction. Good luck and practice often.