Massage involves intensive bodywork and mind-work and after a session you can sometimes experience different natural sensations, which you might want to be aware of. Here are some examples of the healing response.

After deep tissue work, you might experience some muscle pain, as result of the deep bodywork. It is normal and usually fades within a few hours, leaving you even more refreshed than before. Besides its pure physical aspects, deep tissue work elicits powerful responses from your whole being. Together we will ensure that everything is done in a pace that is suitable and safe to you.

Although it seems as if you didn’t do much massage activates your body and mind, and can sometimes be tiring, so respect the need to rest. The trance-state, which usually accompanies massage session, further enhances the euphoric, dreamlike state in the hours that follow the session. 

Your body-mind system will use the hours and days that will follow the session, to calibrate and fine-tune your system. You might consciously notice differences in various aspects of your life, but consciousness is not necessary for the things to happen.

Since massage sometimes unlock repressed emotions and blocked energies, it is natural to feel energy changes and mood-swings in the hours (sometimes a few days) that follow the session. 

Allow yourself to experience the full benefits of massage long after the session. When your balance is regained, you will be stronger than before. Being with your mind-body while these changes occur will prove to be an extremely self-educating experience for you.

You may experience unusual dreams – this is normal. Unconscious changes often manifest themselves in unconscious realms such as trance, dreaming and daydreaming, as well as through emotions and habitual system’s changes.

Within massage sessions you will be exploring your body and mind, discovering previously unnoticed sensations and emotions.

Allow yourself to experience it fully, accept whatever you feel and think to maximize the benefits of the session. Like any other therapeutic process, our experiences vary in type and intensity and should all be respected.

After some sessions, when you’ve achieved a desirable body-mind balance, you will be able to detect unwanted patterns with greater ease, acuity and sensitivity. This is one of the educational aims of the massage.

Remember that massage sessions are a journey, and as such they are always interesting to explore; sometimes intensive and moving and usually fun and enjoyable – yet sometimes difficult or challenging. 

There is a wealth of wisdom and power in our bodies and minds, and it is exciting and thrilling to explore our mind-body from different angles. Within massage sessions you will get a chance to experience that.